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7 Reasons to Choose the FASTTactical Sternal IO Device for Your Military or EMS Team

How Does the MATResponder Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet Save Lives?

Is the T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization Device the Right Option for Your EMS Team?

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Why Users Prefer the Sternal IO Route

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Validation of the Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Approach Using the FASTResponder Sternal IO Device

The Effectiveness of Sternal IO for Intraosseous Access

Pyng Medical Releases a Review of the Clinical Study: “Comparison of Intraosseous Systems in Emergency Medicine (CITRIN)”

Why Sternal IO? New eBook Makes the Case for Using Sternal Intraosseous Infusion

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FASTTactical Named as a Top Hot Product of 2016 by Jems

An Evidence-Based Guideline for External Hemorrhage Control

Tourniquets - From a Turbulent History to the Right Choice for Emergency Medical Services


Pyng Medical’s FASTTactical Sternal IO Device and MATResponder Elite Tourniquet are Candidates for the EMS Today Hot Products Award

Pyng Medical’s Sternal IO Device Featured at the EMS Today Active Shooter Simulation Lab

Pyng Medical Showcases new Sternal IO Device at Gathering of Eagles

Pyng Medical Launches New Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Device for Civilian EMS & the Military

NAEMSP 2016 Conference: Are You Using the right route for IO?

Pyng Medical Launches New eBook on Pelvic Stabilization

New 2015 ERC Guidelines and AHA Guidelines Update Continue to Endorse the Use of Intraosseous Infusion; Add support for Sternal IO

Pyng Medical Demonstrates Trauma Medical Devices at the 2015 International Trauma Conference

Dr. Alan Moloff Introduces Pyng Medical’s Sternal IO Clinical Review Paper to Emergency Physicians at the 2015 ACEP Scientific Assembly

Pyng Medical Introduces Pelvic Stabilization Devices to Air Medical Professionals at AMTP 2015

Pyng Medical Introduces Sternal IO to Emergency Nurses atthe 2015 ENA Conference

Pyng Medical’s Sternal IO and Pelvic Stabilization Devices Featured at the EMS World SimLab 

Sternal IO Has Saved Lives for More than 13 Years

Sternal IO Can Be Used with Standard EMS Procedures

Intraosseous Infusion: Why the Sternum is an Easy & Consistent Site to Locate

FASTResponder Sternal IO is Designed for the Needs of Civilian & Hospital Critical Care

Why Sternal IO is Less Painful that Tibial or Humeral IO?

Intraosseous Infusion: Faster Fluid Delivery Via the Sternum

Clinical Evidence Supports the Sternal IO Route

Why Intraosseous Infusion?

7 Reasons Why Sternal IO is the Best Choice for EMS

Are You Still Using Bedsheets to Stabilize Your Pelvic Trauma Patients?

7 Reasons to Choose Sternal IO for EMS and Hospital Critical Care

Not All Pelvic Fracture Treatments are Equal – New Clinical Review Paper Released by Pyng Medical

Sternal Intraosseous Clinical Review Paper, Not All Intraosseous Sites Are Equal, Released by Pyng Medical

Pyng Medical Releases Sternal Intraosseous Paper Highlighting Recent Clinical Data at the National Association of EMS Physicians Conference

Why Sternal IO is Safe to Use with CPR


Reducing the Mortality of Pelvic Fractures: An Introduction to the Use of Pelvic Stabilization Devices

Pyng Medical’s FASTResponder Sternal IO Showcased at the Virginia EMS Symposium

View Pyng Medical’s FASTResponder Sternal IO at the Iowa EMS Annual Conference and the 39th Annual Cornerstones in Emergency Nursing Conference

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Choosing a Sternal IO Device: Five Key Factors to Consider

Intraosseous fluids ‘have great promise for reducing the mortality of Ebola virus…’ according to World Health Organization Doctor.

Why Intraosseous Infusion?

Preventing Healthcare Worker Exposure to Ebola through Intraosseous Infusion

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“Tourniquets Should Be in the Pockets of Every U.S. First Responder” Says Nationally Recognized Trauma Surgeon

Pyng Medical Signs Seven New Exclusive Specialty Distributors in the United States

Pyng Medical’s T-PODResponder Pelvic Device Awarded Hot Product of 2014 by JEMS

Pyng Medical’s FASTResponder Sternal Intraosseous Device Awarded Hot Product of 2014 by JEMS

Pyng Medical Launches New Tourniquet Device for Emergency Medical Services

Pyng Medical Demonstrates New Products at Gathering of Eagles

Two New Pyng Medical Products Entered in the EMS Today Hot Products Competition

Pyng Medical Launches New Sternal IO and Pelvic Stabilization Devices at EMS Today