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Sep 18 2014

Pyng Medical’s FASTResponder Sternal IO Highlighted in “Insights in Innovation Column”

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In Dan White’s recent September 05, 2014 “ Insights on Innovation” column on EMS1.com, he highlights Pyng Medical’s FASTResponder Sternal IO Device as one of, “5 cool EMS products seen at the Connecticut EMS Conference.
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Sep 11 2014

“Tourniquets Should Be in the Pockets of Every U.S. First Responder” Says Nationally Recognized Trauma Surgeon

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In the August 20, 2014 Navy Times article, “Army Doctor Promotes Use of Tourniquets Among Domestic First Responders”, Army Reserve Doctor and nationally recognized trauma surgeon, Lt. Col. David King, advocates the broad availability and use of tourniquets “in the pockets of every U.S. first responder”.

King, a Massachusetts General Hospital surgeon, completed the Boston Marathon in 2013, and half an hour later found himself treating multiple victims of the April 15 bombings.

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