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Pelvic-Stablization-Clinical-Review-tumb.jpgPHEMCAST  was founded by UK-based Emergency Medicine Consultants and Prehospital doctors Clare Bosanko and Tim Nutbeam, with a goal to “share knowledge and expertise in the field of prehospital medicine with specific reference to the UK working environment” through a monthly podcast along with other materials on their website at www.phemcast.co.uk

In Episode 2, “The Pelvic Binder” released on November 5, 2015, PHEMCAST took a close examination of the use of pelvic binders, including:

  • The current clinical studies and literature
  • The proper usage and indications for pelvic binders
  • Current United Kingdom guidelines for the use of pelvic binders

Pyng Medical’s T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization Device was cited in several of the clinical studies reviewed.  

To listen to the podcast, visit: https://phemcast.co.uk/2015/11/05/podcast-episode-2-the-pelvic-binder/