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Learn why the FASTResponder Sternal IO device is the best choice for EMS and Critical Care personnel

When seconds count, you need an intraosseous route and device that will enable you to get critical fluids and medications into the bloodstream as quickly and reliably as possible.

The answer is the Sternal IO route and the FASTResponder Sternal IO Device.

Why? Because recent clinical evidence indicates the sternal route for intraosseous infusion improves patient outcomes (access the studies at go.pyng.com/sternal-io). And, FASTResponder by Pyng Medical provides the proven, consistent and reliable Sternal IO civilian hospital and pre-hospital medical professionals need through an all-in-one device with no batteries required.

Pyng Medical is the pioneer in sternal intraosseous infusion technology. In 1997, Pyng received clearance for FAST1, the first FDA-cleared IO system designed specifically for use in the sternum during adult emergency intervention. FAST1 has been trusted and used by military and combat personnel for more than 15 years. In fact, more military and combat personnel use FAST1 Sternal IO than any other Sternal or tibial IO device.

In 2013, Pyng launched FASTResponder, which includes all the trusted and proven features of FAST1, but modified to specifically meet the needs of civilian emergency medical services and hospital critical care personnel.

Here are just of few reasons why FASTResponder is an ideal option for civilian intraosseous access:

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Is FASTResponder Sternal IO Right for Your EMS or Hospital Team?

To evaluate if Sternal IO and FASTResponder are the right choice for your EMS or hospital team, download the FASTResponder Information Sheet below and visit the FASTResponder web page to access videos, clinical review papers and more.

Download the FASTResponder Product Information Sheet:

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