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Trauma & Resuscitation Medical Devices for Homeland Security


In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for securing the country from threats ranging from natural disasters and border security issues to terrorism and large scale emergencies.

Whether it’s emergency management and disaster response teams responding to hurricane damage, border security officers protecting air, land or sea ports of entry, or coordinated federal response teams responding to a terrorist attack, homeland security officers and response professionals face significant risk of injury to themselves. Moreover, they are often the first responders on the scene to help the injured public.

Homeland Security officers on the scene, trained and equipped with the right trauma and resuscitation devices, can serve as the first line of treatment for themselves, their fellow officers and injured civilians before EMS arrives.   

Medical Devices to Support Homeland Security Responders

Homeland Security responders in disaster response, border security or terrorism situations may be the first on the scene to treat injuries that can result in significant trauma, such as bleeding, hemorrhaging and fractures, which require immediate treatment in the field - often before EMS teams can arrive. If caught and treated early bleeding can be stopped and fractures stabilized for transportation to the hospital, which can significanly improve the outcomes for both injured responders and civilians. 

Pyng Medical develops award-winning Sternal IO, pelvic stabilization and tourniquet medical devices designed and proven to help Homeland Security professionals who may be first on the scene to stop blood flow, stabilize pelvic fractures and quickly administer fluids and medications into the blood stream.

All of these devices have been designed to be as compact as possible to fit in vehicles, medical bags and disaster response kits, and can be quickly and easily administered or applied by a single police officer or first responder in the field. In addition, the MATCombat tourniquet is uniquely designed for a first responder to apply to him or herself to stop blood flow in the event they themselves are injured. 


FASTCombat Sternal Intraosseous (IO) Infusion Device for Homeland Security

With advanced training, Homeland Security responders in the field can stabilize blood pressure and administer fuids & medication into the blood stream using intraosseous (IO) infusion. 

For more than 13 years, the US military has used the Sternal route for IO. 

With easy site location, automatic depth control, and an all-in-one design requiring no batteries, drilling or choosing needles, FASTCombat is always ready to go when you are, and is simple to learn and easy to deploy in the field. In addition, the low profile tubing means your IV is more secure and hard to dislodge during transport.


T-PODCombat Pelvic Stabilization Device for Homeland Security

Homeland Security and Disaster Response officers are often first on the scene at incidents where the risk of fractures is high. Pelvic fractures are particularly life threatening and require immediate stabilization.

Designed with a unique pulley system, the compact and lightweight T-PODCombat Pelvic Stabilization device provides even circumferential, symmetrical compression, is one-size-fits-all and can be applied by a single responder in the field.

100% radiolucent, the device can stay on for all radiological procedures including MRI, X-Ray and CAT scans.


MATCombat Tourniquet for Homeland Security

Homeland Security and Disaster Response professionals may be the first responders on the scene to treat blood loss and hemorrhaging. The MATCombat Tourniquet can provide 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds, and is designed to be self applied by a single responder in the field.

This tourniquet is based on the award-winning design of the MAT Tourniquet, which was originally developed to meet the stringent requirements of the Department of Defence, and recommended in three independent military studies.

MATCombat can be quickly applied in the field to all limbs with one hand, and features a mechanical ratchet system to provide safe compression in controlled increments.

The MATResponder Elite™ tourniquet includes additional safety features to protect the tourniquet from damage or dislodging in confined spaces or high risk transport situations.