Clinical data indicates pelvic stabilization devices improve pelvic fracture outcomes

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Download the new Clinical Review Paper compiled by Dr. Alan Moloff

In this new Clinical Review Paper, Dr. Alan Moloff reviews four independent clinical studies that suggest that Pelvic Stabilization Devices improve patient outcomes.

Below are excerpts from three of the studies: 

1. DeAngelis, Nicola A., et al:
“Although both a circumferential sheet and T-POD were consistently able to decrease the symphyseal diastasis, only T-POD showed a statistically significant improvement in the diastasis when compared with injury measurements. In 75% of the cadaveric specimens (9 of 12), the T-POD was able to return the symphysis to normal (<10 mm of diastasis).” (1)

2. Malekzadeh, Steve, et al:
When applying a protocol based on stabilization with a pelvic binder, before protocol implementation, 32 of 65 patients (49%) in shock on arrival or within the fi rst 24 hours of hospital stay died, whereas 18 of 80 (23%) in shock died after protocol implementation, a 53% and statistically signifi cant drop in mortality (p<0.001). (2)

3. Tan, Edward, et al:
Separation of the pubic bones (symphyseal diastasis) was reduced by 60% when using pelvic stabilization. More importantly for the pre-hospital provider, mean arterial pressure increased from 65.3 to 81.2 (about 25%), and heart rate benefi cially declined from 107 bpm to 94 bpm. (3) 

The excerpts above are taken from three of the four important studies highlighted in the Pelvic Stabilization Clinical Review Paper by Dr. Alan Moloff. To download the full paper and access references (1), (2), and (3), use the form at the right to download the clinical review paper. 

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